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We Make IT Work creates professional, affordable and personalised websites for small businesses like you.

As a small business owner you maybe looking to setup a website for your business or want to give your exising website a new facelift or you need someone to help maintain your current website on an ongoing basis, BUT:

  • Affordable but reliable website designers are hard to find
  • You are in two-minds about DIY'ing a website yourself
  • The tech is overwhelming, confusing & difficult
  • you are worried about the costs involved and the ROI

I totally understand your situation and I totally get you. That is why I’m here to help you!

Create A New Website

In this digital age, all businesses needs to establish it's online presence from day one. Whether your just starting out or has been in business for awhile, it's time to setup a website for your business.

Refresh Current Website

It's been quite while since you created your website. Your website looks out-dated and old fashioned now. You would like to refresh things a bit and add some new design features to upscale your online presence.

Finish My Website

So you've started DIYing your business website. That's great! But life has gotten in the way or you've simply run out of patience & time to finish it off. You need some help to see it through the finish line soon.

Ongoing Website Support

A website is never going to be a static things. You cannot just forget about it. Whether it is to add some new content, implement some new functionality, fix a bug that suddenly came up or just to ensure the plugins are updated and the backups are in place.

Grab a copy of the ultimate website planning checklist!!!

I will help you to build a professional website for your small business without the hefty price tags.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Hello, I'm Duhara!

As a small business owner myself, I understand the struggles of other small business owners like you. In an age of high costs and no time, I customise my services to work around you and your business priorities.
Having worked in IT for over a decade I know what web design is all about. So you can be assured of a personalised and professional service that meets your specific business need. I will work with you one-on-one to help you solve your website problems. I will support you to succeed and grow your business effortlessly.