A Beginner’s Overview of Google My Business – What, Why, and How?

Google My Business

Many small businesses are yet to utilise the power of Google Business Profiles and/or Google My Business Account.  These are powerful local marketing tools that can give your business an edge over your competitors without much of an effort or cost. So let’s find out more about this. Google Business Profile vs Google My Business […]

Keep your mind SAINE with Google Keep!


I usually have 101 things running in my head at any given time. This ranges from never-ending business todo lists, business ideas that keep popping up randomly, home grocery lists that keeps growing daily, kids school notes, upcoming birthdays and functions, etc and etc. I cannot keep everything on memory anymore. After all, I aren’t getting […]

How to Optimise Gmail for your Small Business


As a small business owner, you rely heavily on emails for your business communications. Find out how you can optimise Gmail to add value to your small business. There will be dozens and dozens of emails to deal with on a daily basis. Be it for new client work requests, dealing with suppliers or business […]