Local SEO Success with Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business Optimization

All businesses today need visibility on Google. You already know that this means you need a website or if you already have one you need to optimize your website for organic search. What you may not know is that there is another entity that also needs setup and optimization to help with your Google visibility […]

Are you getting your business website ready for the new year?

Getting Your Website Ready For The New Year

Is your website ready for the new year? If not, what are you doing to get it ready for 2021? “Your business website is your #1 Business Digital Asset. It brings in the clients, and work hard to promote your business online 24/7.” A new year means new business goals for business owners. Especially with […]

Ultimate Checklist: Planning for a WordPress website for your small business

planning for a wordpress website

Planning for a WordPress website for your small business can be quite overwhelming. You would probably have dozens of questions. Where do I start? What platform should I use? I don’t know anything about website technology? What tools are there to help me build a website? I’ve heard about things like hosting and domain but […]

How to improve your WordPress website’s typography with a 2-step simple strategy


Custom typography is a great way to spruce up your website design. Unique fonts can be used to show your business’s own style and personality. Thanks to services like Google Fonts, these days anyone can add custom fonts to their WordPress website easily. Google Fonts is a repository of open-source fonts that are easy to […]

Don’t waste your time! 7 things you must know when designing a single page website.

single page website

Currently, there is a booming trend for single page websites. Why? Mobile device browsing is at an all time high; Thus the need for short, impactful information.    This web format creates a more effective way to promote products and services online. Its quick-to-create and provides a budget friendly option to the small business owner. […]