Don’t waste your time! 7 things you must know when designing a single page website.

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Currently, there is a booming trend for single page websites. Why? Mobile device browsing is at an all time high; Thus the need for short, impactful information. 
This web format creates a more effective way to promote products and services online. Its quick-to-create and provides a budget friendly option to the small business owner.
Who can use a single page website? Almost anyone! Its ideal for the small business owners as it duplicates as a landing page, online business card or personal portfolio.
So we see small businesses all over the world scrambling to get their one pagers out on to the web. But most forget the importance of a well designed website. Statistically, it is said that people scan your web page for 5 seconds to see if you have what they are looking for before they click away. So we cannot ignore the stats!
These one pagers need to have some basic things in place to ensure that it brings the best value to the business it is intended to showcase.
Lets take a look at some of the key elements that is a must for any single page website.

7 Design Tips for your single page website

 #1 A linear structure which is focused on keeping the reader scrolling down the page. Your one page website should tell a story about your business to the visitor. The structure should narrate this story in a smooth, seamless manner which keeps the reader reading until the end.
#2 Content is KEY. Information must be kept short and to the point. Less text and strong visuals will create the most impact. Clear messaging which covers ‘what you do’, ‘who you work with’, ‘why you are different’ should be clearly articulated throughout the web content. Include sections for About Us, Services/Products, and a Portfolio.
#3 Responsive design is critical. It MUST look great on the mobile.
#4 A prominent Call-To-Action must be included front and centre. For more impact, it should be accompanied by a hero image.
#5 Reviews and testimonials enhance trustworthiness and reputation of your business. Its one of the most efficient methods for adding a more personable and ‘human’ touch to your website.
#6 Contact Form. Make it inviting and easy to use. It will encourage website visitors to reach out to your business.
#7 A bold, rich footer. Display relevant information such as business location, business hours and social media links. This will provide a fitting end to the short story about your business.


Single page websites are intended to sell products and services more effectively than multi-page websites. One-page websites can be incredibly engaging if used correctly. That’s why this kind of a website needs a professional approach to web design.
We Make IT Work understands this well. Our Starter Website Package offers you a well designed single page website at an affordable price, to take your business to the next well.
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