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With almost 1.4 billion daily active users on Facebook, you’re missing out on reaching a huge community if your business doesn’t have a Facebook Page. If you already have a Facebook business page, then you are one-step ahead of the rest. However just having a Facebook page is not sufficient today. In order to ensure that the business page adds value to your business, it needs to be set up properly (a.k.a. optimized). This post will provide a simple list of 10 things that MUST be done right to ensure that your Facebook business page is actually servicing its purpose.

5 Must Dos

(1) Page Name
Your business page needs to be search friendly. Always try to use the brand name/business name as a the page name itself. Strategy is to keep the name simple and clean.

(2) Custom URL
Similar to having a customized website address for your business, your Facebook business page can also have a customized URL. Choosing the right name goes a long way in improving the searchability of the business page. So choose this wisely as this can only be set once. Keep it clean and simple and directly identifiable to the business and/or brand name.

(3) ‘About’ Section
Visitors and the potential customer would like to see/find relevant business details in one centralized place. Use the About section to share useful and important information about your business. Include information such as business description, phone number, address, website, hours of operation, etc. Select the ‘category’ that most closely matches your industry or niche.

(4) Profile and Cover Photo
These elements should be recognizable as a symbol of your brand. Images need to meet the dimensions defined by Facebook. Adding a description and using tags is a good practice.

(5) Call-To-Action Button
Wisely make use of the CTA button at the top of the business page. This provides a great way to increase visitor engagement.

5 Nice To Dos

(6) Using Tabs
Use tabs to better organize the page content. Add/remove the default tabs as required or reorder the tabs to meet the business requirements. With some technical know how you can add your own tabs to the page as desired.

(7) Pin Posts
Use the ‘Pin to top’ option to highlight important posts to the top of the page. This improves user readability and can help increase engagement.

(8) Keywords
To increase the discoverability of the business page, business related keywords must to strategically used on the business page. Page name, about section, and description, are areas to focus on.

(9) Enable private messaging
Business pages should drive engagement with potential clients. Ensure private messaging is enabled on your business page.

(10) Milestone Timeline
Add important business milestones to the business page. This is a great way to share your brand’s history and give some historical context for your business.

Executing these optimization tips will improve your Facebook Business Page visibility and user experience, both of which are crucial to your business success.

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