How effectively are you using your ‘Contact Us’ feature on your website?


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A Contact Us feature on your website can be in many forms. It could be a simple form built into your homepage. It would be a just a button, that pops up a form to gather information or it could be a seperate page on its own with a form to capture data. The common aspect in all of these is that it allows you as the business owner to capture information from your website visitor (a.k.a potential customer).

That is why the Contact Us functionality on your website has an awesome opportunity as a lead generator and it shouldn’t be over looked. If a website visitor actually takes the time to use the Contact Us feature and submits their details to you, then you can be pretty sure that they are indeed interested in your business. They automatically become a ‘warm lead’ which you must action upon.

So how do we nurture these warm leads that comes to us through the Contact Us feature on our websites? Actually it’s not that difficult. All it needs is some inter-related systems and some integration across these systems. 

Let’s take a look!

Firstly lets integrate the contact us feature with an Email Marketing platform. MailerLite is a very good free option to use. This will ensure that you capture all your valuable leads in a centralised location to use now and in the future. 

Secondly with the use of this email marketing platform we can then setup automated workflows to build engagement with your lead. Here’s an example: Send out an automated email immediately to the person who contacted you through your website. This email can specify the next step you or they must take. For instance you could integrate your calendar (something like Calendly) to this email and invite your lead to book a call with you for a free consultation. You can continue to send regular automated follow up emails sharing details about your business and the services you offer and drive them to take the next step of doing business with you.

Thirdly once the lead has been nurtured to a certain extent, we can then even integrate project management systems like Asana and automatically create tasks for you to take action on personally.

…and it can go on and on. The opportunities are in abundance and its up to you to make it work for your business.

So with the use of many available systems and the ability to integrate them seamlessly (with tools like zapier), enables us to use the simple ‘Contact Us’ functionality in our website as a lead generating feature that adds value to our businesses on an ongoing basis.

If you like to see this in action, I invite you to try out the ‘Let’s Have A Chat‘ or ‘Request Quote‘ feature on my website.

If you would like something similar implemented on your own website, I would love to help you out.

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