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As a small business owner, you rely heavily on emails for your business communications. Find out how you can optimise Gmail to add value to your small business.

There will be dozens and dozens of emails to deal with on a daily basis. Be it for new client work requests, dealing with suppliers or business partners, sending invoices, tracking customer feedback, sending newsletters, marketing activities, etc. Managing emails efficiently is critical and essential for your business success, however,  it can also be quite time-consuming.

This is why you need ways and means to optimise your inbox and improve the efficiency of your daily email management. If you are already using Gmail, then you are in luck. Gmail is built in with several cool features to optimise your email handling.

Here are some of the most useful and easy to setup options available:


Consolidating multiple email accounts

The chances are that you would most probably have multiple email addresses for your business as well as for personal use. Managing multiple inboxes to handle all these accounts would be quite cumbersome, to say the least. Gmail provides an easy solution to consolidate all your email accounts into one Gmail inbox. Once you set it up, you will only need to use this central Gmail account to manage all the other email accounts.

Gmail features such as labels and filtering can be used to automatically categorise and move emails from a certain account into separate folders thus fully automating the organisation of your central email inbox.

I personally use my Gmail inbox to manage 5 email accounts and they are all seamlessly organised into separate folders in my inbox giving me a simple, easy to use, centralised view for all my emails and I just love it. It saves me loads of time and energy when it comes to daily email management.

Organized Inbox

As a busy business owner, you can save time and avoid stress over your email management by organising your inbox to be more readable. Gmail feature, Multiple Inboxes allows for this. It’s actually a better alternative to the default tab view in Gmail. Multiple Inboxes allows you to configure up to five additional panes in the main inbox view.

These panes could be used to sort emails based on labels, senders, subjects, etc. Alternatively, it works great if you are using multiple email accounts within Gmail itself (as noted above). Then each pane can represent one email inbox.

The location of these panes can also be customised as per your preferences. The panes can be placed towards the bottom, left or right of the primary inbox. With proper filtering also enabled, you can automatically sort all your incoming emails into the correct panes which result in a super clean and highly organised inbox for your ultimate convenience.

Email Templates

Templates are an important part of any business. Even for a small home based business, there are many scenarios that will require the same (or similar) response and action. This is why Email templates are important. Be it for client inquiries, thank you emails, common support emails, etc., having pre-setup email templates will definitely help to save your time and increase productivity.

Gmail has an add-on plugin called Canned Responses that does just this. You can create and save all of your required email templates via this option and use them with a simple click of a button.

Email Scheduling and Follow Ups

As a business owner, you have a dozen of things going on at the same time. You need to maximise your time and also ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. This is why you need a good follow-up system for your emails and the ability to schedule your emails. Boomerang for Gmail lets you take control of these aspects of your email management.

You can easily draft your emails when you have the free time (be it during the middle of the night or over the weekend or whenever it works for you) and schedule the email send time with Boomerang. With this, you can ensure that the emails are delivered to the recipient during the most suited time of the day.

Boomerang also allows you to ignore emails from the inbox and schedule to bring them back to the inbox during a later more convenient time so that appropriate action can be taken. You can also get notifications for emails which have not be responded back so that you can diligently follow up.

Read Receipts on emails is also a very valuable feature. This lets you know if an email has been opened or clicked. All this information is tracked and presented in a centralised area.

Writing effective emails is also important for the success of your business. Boomerang Respondable provides an assistant right within your inbox to help you write better, more actionable emails in real time.

All these amazing and useful features make Boomerang a must have Gmail plugin for your small businesses.

Professional Email Signatures

When using a business email, you must ensure it looks and feels professional. Along with a suitable name, another must have is a professional looking email signature. Especially when cold pitching to potential clients, nothing adds more value than a professional and complete email signature with all the key contact information embedded.

The chrome plugin WiseStamp does just this! With the free version, you can create quite a good looking and complete email signature in a matter of minutes.

Clean Inbox, is a totally awesome tool which cleans your Inbox in minutes. Over the years everyone accumulates email subscriptions. A majority of these subscriptions are not adding any value to us. We simply subscribe for one-off reasons and quickly forgets all about it. You start receiving the updates and as time goes by you find them to be annoying or useless. is a Gmail plugin which analyses your inbox in minutes and provides you with a list of active subscriptions. From there you can easy unsubscribe anything you don’t want. For the ones you do need, you can consolidate them into a daily roll-up view and schedule the time for receiving this one signal daily email. Inbox de-cluttered in a matter of minutes! This is a must try for any business owner or anyone who uses Gmail.

Gmail Offline

As a business owner, you need to be able to access and use your email inbox at anytime from anywhere. This means that sometimes even when you are not connected online, you might have to attend to your emails. Gmail provides for this ability through Gmail Offline which allows you to read, respond to, and search your Gmail messages when you aren’t connected to the Internet.

After the first start-up, Gmail Offline will automatically synchronise messages and queued actions anytime Chrome is running and an Internet connection is available, thus all your offline work is seamlessly integrated with your online email account.


So these are some of the most useful and easy to setup features readily available for Gmail. You can achieve maximum efficiency with email management with the use of these cool Gmail email management features. Save your time and avoid unnecessary stress by optimising your business email inbox today!


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