The Process

The process of getting your website created should not be complicated and leave you all stressed up and confused.

I believe in keeping things simple and transparent. I follow a tried and tested four stage process to successfully delivery your website project.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  1. We setup a quick call to understand your website requirements.
  2. I create a customised proposal for your website project.
  3. We setup another 30min call to review the proposal in detail and aswer any questions.
  4. You accept the proposal, sign the contract and pay the inital deposit.
  1. We discuss and finalize the branding for the website.
  2. I will create a design template for the website, you will review it and we will finalize it together.
  3. We will finalize the website structure
  4. You will provide me with the content for the website.
  5. If required I will purchase and setup the Domain and Hosting for the website.
  1. I will design and build your website as per the guidelines outlined in the previous phases
  2. We will meet online a couple of times during this phase and I will show you the website which is being built.
  3. We will use 'Trello' to centralize our communication and ensure that all the information is stored in a cohesive space.
  4. Once the design is completed you will get a chance to review the entire website and provide your feedback.
  1. I will implement the backend functionality such as basic SEO and mobile responsiveness.
  2. The finalized website will be shared with you for review and approval.
  3. I will fix any remaining issues.
  4. Once approved I will launch your website.
  5. You will pay the balance payments.
  6. I will do an online training to show you how to use and manage your website's admin panel.
  7. I will either handover your website to you or I will take over the ongoing maintenance of the website on your behalf.

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