WHO is a ‘Virtual Business Assistant’ and WHAT they can do for your business?


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As a small business owner, you often find yourself overwhelmed with everything you need to do to run your business successfully. This is mostly because you end up trying to do everything by yourself. But it is not a healthy approach and before long you will see it impacting both your business and your personal life. On the other side hiring employees to support you is also no easy task. It’s hard to find a suitable person, it’s costly, they need training and supervision and it’s a long term commitment. BUT finding support for your business doesn’t have to be so hard. A Virtual Business Assistant is your ideal solution.

A Virtual Business Assistant (VA) is a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or business support services to other professional individuals or organizations.

Its is a growing trend today. Businesses all over the world are turning towards virtual staff to help them operate, manage and grow their businesses. It’s a business strategy that has gained a lot of success due its flexibility and effectiveness. As a small business owner, this strategy is your ideal solution too. It allows for flexibility to scale work up or down and be cost effective. It also provides access to highly skilled resources and avoids long-term employment commitments.

As a business owner, your focus should be to grow your business and to provide the core services or create your products for your clients. Spending your time on routine and tedious business operations tasks isn’t going to help your business. This is how a Virtual Assistant can help you and your business.

A virtual assistant can help you with:

Streamlining the business operations

Small business owners must increase their productivity to succeed in their business operations today. Luckily in this technology age, productivity applications are readily available for almost everything. Project management, time tracking, to do list management, invoicing, order tracking and many more core business operations could be streamlined through one of these business productivity applications. Usually, virtual business assistants are experts in using and implementing online business productivity tools. Your VA can study your business processes and find tools that meet the need. They can also help you to setup and move to the new system and also help train you. Once these systems are in place you as the business owner would be able to manage your business functions in a more effective and productive manner.

Provide day-to-day operational support

Even a small business requires several operational tasks to happen on a daily basis. It could be email
management, order processing, customer inquiries/support, raising invoices, collecting payments, and creating documents. All these tasks require someone’s time and effort. As your business grows you as the owner cannot be doing all these monotonous but essential tasks. You need to spend your time and effort to grow your business. This is where you can use a VA. A VA is skilled to handle these tasks for you and they would be quite efficient with their work. So engaging a VA to handle daily operations adds value to your business while at the same time saving you time and money.

Support your online presence and marketing

As a small business owner, you will be heavily dependent on online marketing and social media channels to reach your customers. A small business requires a facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Pinterest board (or all these). Setting up and maintaining these social channels is time-consuming. This will definitely eat into your productive time. A virtual assistant can support you in this aspect. They can set up social media channels and also regularly check them, update them and collaborate with them on behalf of you.

While social media is essential for marketing your business, a website for your business will definitely take it to the next level. If you don’t have one, a Virtual Assistant can help you get something set up quickly. A VA can also take over the regular maintenance and updates on the website on your behalf. Another area that a VA can assist you with is building your email list and focusing on the email marketing. While you as the business owner needs to focus on delivering the core services or products to your existing clients, a VA can support you to manage your businesses online presence so that it reaches many more future potential customers.

Coordinate your business projects

Have you been wanting to embark on a new project for your business for some time now but still haven’t got around to plan things and get started? Are you stuck in the middle of a never ending project that’s eating up your time and budget without much progress? Any business will need executing many projects and if all your projects are like the above, then you are in trouble. A specialized VA is your solution.

A VA with project management skills can assist you to plan, initiate, monitor and control of your valuable projects. A VA can assist with setting up a project plan covering scope, budget, timeline and processes. They can monitor projects progress through budget tracking, schedule tracking, and deliverable tracking. Maintain collaboration and communication between project stakeholders and project resources. With the required focus and attention given to projects, the VA can coordinate your projects to successful completion.


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….and the list can go on and on. Basically, your business can utilize a VA for almost anything. Depending on your requirement and comfort level a VA can pretty easily step in and assist with your business. However, the real value is gained when a Virtual Assistant is accepted as a strategic partner in your business. Remember, VA’s are highly skilled professionals themselves, so if properly utilized, a virtual assistant can become your “secret weapon” in building your business to the next level.


We Make It Work is your ideal Virtual Assistant. We will support you and your business to thrive and succeed. Whether its support for your day-to-day tasks or any special projects – we will assist you to Make It Work.

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