Why I use and recommend Elementor for WordPress Websites.

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Visual responsive designs

I’m a big fan of the Elementor page builder. I use and recommend Elementor for WordPress websites that I design for my clients. If you are planning on setting up a website on WordPress, then you should definitely check out the Elementor page builder. 

Elementor takes web designing on WordPress to a whole new level. Finally you are able to visually create a website on WordPress with simple drag-and-drop features, control all aspects of the website’s design and implement end-to-end functionality without needing to do any coding. That sure is a big deal.

Here’s why I give a big thumbs up for the Elementor page builder:

The drag-and-drop visual editor

The Elementor page builder provides visual drag-and-drop design ability for your WordPress website. What does this actually mean?

Visual means that when you design your content, you see exactly what your visitors will see. There’s never any confusion about how your page will look once you publish it. Drag and drop means that you can move around various design elements – like buttons, forms, or images – just by dragging and dropping them. No code required!

No other WordPress page builders available currently matches up to the level of web design freedom provided by Elementor. My personal opinion is that Elementor brings the user friendliness of platforms like Wix and Squarespace to WordPress.

The Theme Builder

The next best thing about the Elementor page builder is that you can visually design all aspects of your website such as headers, footers, single blog layouts, archive pages, shop page layouts, etc with the same drag and drop interface. You get complete control over your website theme and you are not dependant on any theme specific customizations. This is definitely a big deal as no other page builders or WordPress themes will give you this level of control on your entire website unless otherwise you start playing around with code.

All in One Solution

If you know anything about WordPress, you would probably know that in order to add functionality into your website you need to use various plugins (or else custom develop the website with lots of backend code). Having dozens of plugins on your website could make the maintenance of the website quite cumbersome.  This is where the Elementor page builder stands out. Elementor by itself provides a lot of useful widgets to add many features/functionality to the website.


Available Elementor Pro Widgets

Elementor currently has about 80+ widgets that provides the most essential features on a website. While the Elementor Free version gives you a good coverage of widgets, the Elementor Pro version provides some extensive widgets that gives you a lot of flexiblity with your website. So basically you can get all that you need with a single plugin.

Inbuilt Integration for Marketing

For any website to be successful it needs to have some built in marketing functionality. Elementor provides an all in one marketing solution to drive traffic and generate leads and conversions. Elementor Forms and Pop-ups comes with loads of rich features to implement your Marketing strategy. Then Elementor also seamlessly integrates with a growing list of marketing tools and platforms such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Zapier, HubSpot and etc to provide your website with an end-to-end marketing solution.


Current available Elementor Integrations

Reusability of templates

While Elementor gives you the flexibility and tools to design your website from scratch, it also provides 100+ templates to get you started with your website very quickly. Elementor provides two types of templates – page templates and blocks. While page templates are self explanatory – completed pre-designed pages, blocks are pre-designed sections that you can add into your page.

All these templates are fully editable, so you have full control to customize it to your personal preferences. Elementor templates will save you tons of time. 


Elementor Page Templates


Elementor Block Templates

Visual responsive designs

As internet traffic is heavy on mobile devices nowadays, it is extremely crucial for your website to look good on mobile. The good news is that Elementor automatically makes your designs mobile responsive. It also takes things to another level and gives you a lot of flexibility to custom design the mobile versions of your website.

Elementor allows you to easily switch between desktop, tablet and mobile views with a click of a button.

Elementor also allows you to change the designs on each view without impacting the other views. For example, if you want to switch the columns for the mobile view only or hide some sections on the tablet view, it can be done quite easily.

Revision history

From newbies to experienced designers, we all make mistakes while trying to design our websites. Having the ability to revert back to a previous stage of the web page/design is a god-send. Elementor provides just that. Elementor keeps track of all your design changes in two ways. 

Every single action that you take is logged and can be reverted back as needed. However please note these actions are only active during a specific design session only.


Also everytime you save the design, Elementor tracks this as a new revision of your page. These saved revisions are always accessible for later use. So if you need to revert back to an old version of your design, you are all good.


All the above Elementor features and few more others have enabled Elementor to gain popularity as one of the leading WordPress page builders currently in the market. While the Elementor Free version is really good by itself, the Pro version takes it’s web designing capabilities to a professional level. 

So if you are looking to setup a WordPress website, then you should definitely take a look at the Elementor Page Builder

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